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Gaming Chair vs Gaming Bean Bag - Our Take

24 Feb 2022

When playing a long gaming session you need a comfortable place to sit. So, typically you’ll either sit at a gaming chair on your computer or a couch for console gaming. Sometimes though you may find a normal couch or a gaming chair just isn’t cut out for the job. Either they’re uncomfortable after a few hours or your snacks, drinks and headset aren't in comfortable reach. 

If you’re trying to earn that sweet victory royale, and you’re plagued with the issues mentioned before, let me introduce the Throne Boss Gaming bean bag. It's an alternative to a traditional gaming chair, which offers high levels of comfort and convenience. Let's delve into the key differences between a gaming chair and a gaming bean bag, and learn more about the best gaming setups for each.

The Gaming Chair

First up, let's discuss the Gaming Chair. Gaming chairs have been around for a while now, and over time their quality has only improved. Gaming chairs are very similar to office chairs, but tend to use higher quality materials and have added features specialised for gamers.

Gaming Chair

Features of a Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs have various features which contribute to a better gaming experience. Features of a standard gaming chair include:

Posture support

Gaming chairs are perfect for gamers who are serious about playing games for hours. A quality gaming chair will have lumbar support, and a good headrest to ensure correct posture. Gaming chairs offer good back support and can help prevent pain related to prolonged poor posture.

Height adjustability

One of the main advantages of a gaming chair is height adjustability. Every person is different, so the chair should cater for this. If you have a height adjustable chair you can cater to any height.

Adjustable armrests

Armrests are essential for a traditional gaming chair and are usually height adjustable. This allows a gamers arms to rest at a comfortable natural level while they play. A common issue gamers experience is carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome can usually be prevented by flattening your wrists and keeping your elbows at a parallel level. Height adjustable armrests help you level out your elbows in a comfortable position. 

Optimal place for a Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is most obviously situated at a gaming desk, with a central view of the monitor. They are perfect for PC gamers, as computers typically need a desk to be set up properly. 

If you’re a console gamer who likes to game on a TV with a handheld device, a gaming chair may not be the right option, as it might position you too high and prevent you from stretching out comfortably. A bulky gaming chair also doesn't fit in very well visually within the space of a living room. Additionally, the lack of a desk in console gaming also makes the need for a gaming chair redundant.

In summary, if you are a PC gamer, a gaming chair is definitely the best option. But for console players, you can't go past the comfortability and manoeuvrability of a gaming bean bag.

The Throne Boss Gaming Bean Bag

Many people play consoles from their couches. However if you have ever tried to move your couch, you know that it can be incredibly heavy to manoeuvre. In addition to this, most bedrooms don’t have the space for a couch. A gaming bean bag can be easily moved around the room, as close or as far away to your TV screen as you wish. This way you can fully customise your seated position in a configuration which is best for you.

Throne Boss Gaming Bean Bag

Features of a Throne Boss Gaming Bean Bag

The Throne Boss gaming bean bag has some similar features to a gaming chair, that allow for comfort and good posture, there are some extra benefits it offers too. 

High back and neck support

The Throne Boss has high back support - 100 centimetres to be exact - made from a soft breathable quilt. Along with being an ergonomic design, for maximum comfort, it also allows for airflow along your back. The airflow also helps to reduce a build-up of sweat (because nobody likes that feeling).

Side pockets

Ever have snacks and drinks while playing games? Fair to say, most gamers do. The Throne Boss is the perfect chair for easy snack access, as it has multiple side pockets on each side within easy reach. This way you can keep your energy levels nice and high for the long haul.

Headphone hanger

Every gamer knows you need a quality headset in order to capture every footstep or gunshot coming your way. The Throne Boss bean bag has an inbuilt headphone hanger which keeps your headset off the floor, which helps to prevent it getting damaged. It also means your headphones are easily available at hand when you need them. 

Carry handle

The carry handle allows for minimal bending when moving around your beanbag. 

Quality material

The easy to clean material is a double stitched 420 PVC with a water repellent coating, that is durable and spill-proof. Our beanbags have gone through an intense testing phase, which means we constantly dropped heavy items over 600 times to ensure there aren't any rips or split seams. With this level of durability, you will feel confident in a product that it will last with extensive use for years to come.

Optimal place for a Throne Boss Gaming Bean Bag

The Throne Boss bean bag can be easily transported to different parts of your gaming space. Due to its light weight it can be picked up easily and placed somewhere else if needed, something that a traditional gaming chair isn't very good at due to it being cumbersome and heavy.

Living room

The bean bag can be situated in your living room or bedroom, or wherever you like to play in your home. Throne Boss bean bags are also super comfortable for watching films, as you can stretch out whilst still being supported. 

If you have a dedicated gaming room which houses both a PC setup and a console setup, the addition of the bean bag allows you to swap between chair and bean bag depending on the game you are playing.  

Game with mates

Multiple Throne Boss bean bags allow you to create a multiplayer setup to game with a group of friends. Whether you are gaming across servers or chatting on discord together, you can all be ultra comfortable while doing so. 

The Final Take - Who Won?

Throne Boss Gaming Bean Bag

When it comes to gaming chairs vs The Throne Boss gaming beanbag chair, it really comes down to your personal gaming style and game room setup. But, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t have both.

If you’re primarily a console/handheld player, the clear winner is the Throne Boss bean bag. It offers so much more comfort and convenience in comparison to a couch. Plus, everyone will want to try your new Throne Boss out when they come over for a visit.

We have free delivery Australia wide, so get your hands on the world's best gaming bean bag today. Reach out to us with any queries via our live chat service on our website. 

Enhance your gaming experience comfortably, and competitively, with Throne Boss!


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