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Why are there no tabs on the zipper?

Why are there no tabs on the zipper?

You might have noticed, or even been frustrated, that there are no tabs or little pull thing on the zippers of most bean bags. In fact, no bean bags sold in the USA or Australia should have the tabs on the zippers, as it’s a safety issue for young children.

This issue arose in the early 2000’s, when sadly, some toddlers had crawled into empty bean bags and suffocated. As a result, all bean bags sold need to have a permanent locking mechanism (if they’re pre-filled bean bags) and the tabs removed from the zippers to stop small children from being able to open them (they should also be double-stitched and lab tested for strength to ensure that no beans leak during normal use).

Throne Boss bean bag chairs come with the tabs removed and we use a special auto-locking zipper that means even with the tab removed, little hands can’t open the zipper. But don’t worry, it’s easy to open the zippers with a paper clip for easy filling. Just don’t forget to remove it once you’re done.

Check out our bean bag filling video HERE.

Note: By the way, our bean bags are also double-stitched and laboratory tested for durability to make sure they are safe if you have little people around the home.